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Video Approvals

For Manulife Wealth Inc. Advisors

Adding your own homemade videos

Red alert iconCOMPLIANCE APPROVAL: You must have compliance approval on all personal or home-made videos for business use. Approval is through your dealerships compliance team and not through SiteForward or the Website Dashboard.

Learn about Video Marketing & Tools


All videos need a transcript approved by compliance before you start production. This is a write up or word document of what are you going to say, or ask/interview.

You then email this transcript to MLS Sales Communications (compliance) for review and they approve the transcript and provide you with a reference number of the approval. This is important for auditing purposes and you should keep this approval confirmation.


** If you already made the video (Post-approval): You will still need to provide the video to MLS Sales Communications  (compliance) to have it approved before it can be put on your website or social channels.

This will require you to work backwards a bit to still provide the transcript to the compliance team. You can hand write this yourself or use a third party tool that can do it for you. Your video will need to be uploaded to a streaming server for this (see below posting tips).  

Email the transcript, along with your video link to MLS Sales Communications for review and approval.

Once completed, and you receive your approval Reference Number from compliance, you may post your video on the website or social channels. You can email SiteForward to add this on your behalf WITH the reference number or PDF of the approval – OR – put the video in yourself through the DIY website Dashboard and upload the Reference number or file to the CHAT window dialogue box for compliance to reference in their review.

Tips when uploading your videos.   

  1. Create a channel if you don’t have one. If you plan to make more business videos, build your channel with your professional name and choose to make the channel unlisted, or non-searchable.

  2. Do not use Manulife’s name or logo for the channel or video name/titles.

  3. If you choose to put your title or credentials/designations on the channel information or video description, you must include your dealer approved name/titles, full Dealership name, disclaimers and legal entity names. These can be added below your video’s description so compliance can review this as well.

  4. Choose to make the video UNLISTED - but not private. This will avoid additional search functionality but still allow you to embed the video in the website, and link to it. (If you make the video Private viewers won’t be able to see it)

  5. In the video settings, “Remove Comments” capability from each video you post

  6. Follow typical compliance policies and rules that you would for any other marketing content. Same rules apply.  Keep in mind that compliance cares about WHAT you say and imply - not so much WHERE you say it.

  7. Do not mention recommend or speak about any unapproved social media channels or websites. For example, our dealership has not approved Instagram for advisor use yet, so by mentioning that in your video, you will be asked for it to be removed.

  8. Leave the date off the video itself.  This will be a lifesaver if you ever have to go back and forth with editing or want to repurpose your video.  The streaming platform will list your date of posting automatically anyhow!

  9. Do NOT update, change or replace the video that has been approved by compliance with another one or an edited version. If you want to edit the approved video, send your revisions to MLS Sales Communications for review and approval first.

How to create a transcript of your video

Transcript Tool

Below is a link to a very easy transcript maker – free to use! Be sure to check it over, they aren’t perfect but it is a great place to start.

otter.ai transcript tool