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Let our content drive your marketing

Content is King

It's well known that blogging can make a difference to your SEO and position you as a thought leader, as well as providing information to visitors on the web. Content includes Video, Infographics, Articles, Personal Blogs, Newsletters, Images, Memes etc.
REMEMBER:  Share Content... Never copyright or copy and paste into your website or communications.

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Increased SEO
Generates Leads
Drive traffic to website
Thought Leadership
Educate your clients


Social sharing
Blogging on Website
Email Communications
Internal links on website

Content Assist: Our Content Solution

We make it easy to communicate to your clients.  Our program includes a large library of original, professionally written articles, videos and shareable content in French and English. New content is added every month!

See examples of Articles from our Feed   

Use ours - but make it yours. Ghost-written, editable articles

Hassle-free compliance, pre-approved content

Huge library at your fingertips, with over 1000 articles available

Bilingual content available - French and English material

Automatic post options, or manual blog choices

Automatic social share buttons added to blogs

Article/Blog Page Options

Insurance Solutions


Benefits of this choice:

This is a good option for advisors who want to have articles added to their website on their behalf, automatically. It is suitable for advisors who do not want to share their website articles on social media, or add in custom blogs.

  • New articles every couple weeks that are timely, and current.
  • These are all pre-approved
  • No effort on your part once set up
  • Keeps your website looking current, the advisors looking active, and promoted professional thought leadership.
  • Increased your SEO (google searchability) because it is adding fresh content and new headlines to your home page.
  • The mix of content is lifestyle, industry related, current news and client letters from Manulife.

The Caveat:

  • You cannot edit these articles or add new ones to this particular feed
  • Does not allow for custom blogs to be added to this feed
  • If sharing on Social media, you would add the link manually, and it would open a new page for the article, however the article does not live on your actual website.
  • Does not drive traffic to your website from social media



Benefits of this choice:

This is a good option for advisors who want to have full control over the articles on their website, and choose the ones they want from the large database. It also allows you to make your own custom content. It is good for advisors who stay active on their website, and social media - or who have their own content they want to post.

  • You can edit any of the hundreds of articles provided to make them your own
  • Automatically have social sharing buttons added to every article
  • Easily share to social media, and have every click open the article on your website - driving traffic back to you
  • Customize your own posts with Video, articles, blogs, images etc.
  • Create articles linking to external websites to share their content 
  • Each post has a unique link that can be shared across other digital platforms, and always opens the article on your website
  • Capture analytics on all your post views and activities through google analytics
  • Custom blogs can be reviewed by compliance right in the website dashboard! 

The Caveat:

  • You need to stay on top of it, post at least every couple weeks!
  • If you forget about posting, your website can look outdated
  • Your custom content is not pre-approved. If you edit content or add your own it needs to go through review (which is easily done through the dashboard)

Investment Solutions

Estate Planning


Many advisors will choose to have a "Latest articles" page that loads in the automatic RSS Feed, and in addition, a manual blog page.

This is a good option for people who want the benefit of articles automatically going on their site, but still want to post their own content. We've had people create a new page for things like:

  • Newsletters
  • Important Information/Updates
  • "from the desk of..",
  • Advisor's personal blog and commentary
  • Office Updates etc.

How does this work?

We would put a button or tab in the navigation bar on your website that can say whatever you like… for example "Insights", "News & Articles", "Blogs & Articles", etc. When clicked, a drop down would appear with the different blog or article page options. You would keep the manual page up to date yourself, and the other would feed in automatically. 


Just let our team at SiteForward know which option you would like, we will log in to your site on your behalf and make the adjustments. We will have this approved and published on your behalf.
If you choose the manual options, we will ensure you have DIY access to the website editor, and the training documentation needed.

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