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Updating Your Website

We understand that advisors have a lot on the go, and taking time out to learn website functionality or the DIY platform is not a great way to spend your time!

As part of your SiteForward services, you have our team at hand to make any revisions for you at any time with no additional costs. If you would like to make updates or edits to your website you have two options:

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USE OUR SERVICES: (recommended)

We can make your required edits and send those through to compliance workflow on your behalf, making revisions as needed. If anything is a concern with compliance we would contact you, otherwise we will handle it all! There is no additional costs to have us handle this for you - just email us at siteforward@manulife.ca with your request. We are also able to make any design changes, landing pages or additions that you may be hoping for or help to solve any concerns. We are always happy to help!


You can choose to make edits and revisions to your website yourself. Because we use a custom editor with built-in compliance workflow, we do ask that you ensure you are familiar with the platform and have either done the training or watched the training videos to ensure you know how to send the changes through the automatic compliance workflow. With a DIY option, you will be responsible to handle your own edits and any compliance rejection changes. Our team will not manage that workflow.

If you do not know your login or password information, you an email siteforward@manulife.ca to have this reset. Please provide us with the email address you would like to have set as the username. This email address will be the one to receive notifications from compliance when you have rejections or your site is published.


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