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Domain Names


So you are building a new website - what are you going to call it? Most Advisor websites use the Advisor's name as their Domain name (AdvisorName.ca). You can use your name, your registered business name, or a URL that helps classify or direct people to you - like a catch statement "YourTrustedAdvisor.ca". Follow the steps below to pick your domain name and register it!  We recommend GoDaddy as the Registrar Company, but you can use any registrar you choose. This is your business property - remember to use an established email address that you won't lose, no one will see it.

If you have a domain already:  CONNECT YOUR DOMAIN/URL TO YOUR NEW SITE

Investment Solutions

STEP 1: Make a GoDaddy account

  1. Go to https://ca.godaddy.com/
  2. Click "Sign In", and then in the "New Customer" area, click "Create My Account"
  3. Complete the onscreen fields, and then click "Create Account"


Use an established, personal email address or business email. Avoid using your Manulife email as you be unable to get notifications or reset passwords if you ever leave.

Step 2: Select a Domain Name

When you’re setting up an online presence, one of the most important things for success is establishing a connection with your target audience. And if that audience lives in Canada, register .ca to connect yourself to the place they call home.

  1. Start searching for a domain: https://ca.godaddy.com/tlds/ca-domain
  2. Enter your desired domain name
  3. Add to Cart when you make a selection


Do not use Manulife's name in your domain.

Step 3: Complete the purchase

  1. Click on your cart   at the top right
  2. Turn off Domain Ownership Protection
  3. Turn off "Start your website for FREE"
  4. Click "Continue to Cart"
  5. Enter your information and click "Continue"
  6. Click "Checkout" and enter your billing information



Once you've purchased your domain all that's left is to connect your domain name to your website. You can either follow these steps and connect your domain yourself, or you can send our team an email while we're building your website and we can setup delegate access to allow us to connect your domain on your behalf. Delegate access is only possible if domain was purchased through GoDaddy; If your domain was purchased through a different Registrar the steps below will be the same, just under different menus and options.

Investment Solutions

Step 1: Manage DNS Records

  1. Go to your GoDaddy domains: https://dcc.godaddy.com/domains
  2. Click on your domain name to open the domain settings
  3. Scroll to "Additional Settings"
  4. Click "Manage DNS"


Our team can help you connect your domain through Delegate Access. If you're interested in having us connect your domain on your behalf please email us at SiteForward@manulife.ca and tell us the email address you used to make the GoDaddy account. We will then send you a request for access.

Step 2: Add new DNS Records

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the "Records" section and click "Add"
  2. Add the following records
  3. Remove any "Parked" records that may exist on your domain
Type Host Value / Points to

(Your own domain name goes here)

Step 3: Confirm DNS Records

  1. After adding the required A Records and CName Record confirm that you can see the 3 records
  2. Send an email to SiteForward@manulife.ca to let us know that you've added the required DNS Records

Need Help?

If you still require assistance with your domain you can either contact GoDaddy support by calling 1-866-938-1119 or through Live Chat.

If GoDaddy was unable to assist you with your domain inquiry you can always reach out to us at SiteForward@manulife.ca