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Step outside the box

Websites | Social Media | Digital Marketing | Local Search | Pre-approved Content | Compliance Support
and the very best...
Awesome support from our team of awesome people - award-winning experts in their field

What makes us different?

As part of Manulife Wealth Inc., we work to help your business grow, after-all your success is our success!
We are not a sales team and we do not work off commissions, which allow our intent to be honest, genuine and educated within the industry. We understand the intricacies that make up each independent advisors business, and the regulatory adherence that needs to be followed.

What's in it for you?

  • Cost savings: Competitive rates, with a full range of services billed through the security of your commissions at Manulife Wealth Inc.
  • Dedicated Support: A team that understands your business, the dealership and compliance needs as it relates to digital marketing
  • Time Efficiency: Full maintenance support, Integrated Compliance workflow, automated features and support for revisions
  • Quality Content: Hundreds of pre-approved articles and blogs available in French and English
  • Risk Management: Regulatory archiving, compliance oversight and support, security on website, proactive regulatory adherence 
  • Compliance Integration and Support: Proprietary compliance workflow built-in, support and guidance
  • Modern Website and digital presence that is mobile friendly, adheres to AODA accessibility and security.

Services & Products

Insurance Solutions

Website Development and Maintenance

  • Creative, Turn-key solutions with multiple framework options
  • Integrated Compliance workflow & archiving
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) website editor capability
  • SSL certificate security, ReCaptcha and secured hosting on all websites
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly framework, with AODA compliance
  • Bilingual Capability, including translation

Social Media

  • Support for consistent branding to match your website
  • Update your website to display the links to your approved social media profiles 
  • Share blogs/articles from your website easily across your social platforms
  • Compliance and Proofpoint support and triage
  • Access to a huge library of editable, original and ghost written blogs and articles to share on social from your website, or to copy directly into your social platforms.

Investment Solutions

Estate Planning

Digital Marketing

  • Local Search and Google My Business support
  • Digital Marketing strategy and consultation
  • Professional support and triage 
  • Custom Newsletter design generator
  • On and Off-page SEO support

Custom Content & Articles

  • We provide "out-of-the-box" content/copy for new websites
  • Hundreds of original, professionally written articles/blogs to choose from in French or English
  • Ghost-written articles, available to customize, edit and add to as you like.
  • Manulife content from business areas, market updates, Solutions articles, etc. that you can share from your website
  • Options for automatically updated, articles/blog page on your website

Planning for Retirement

Insurance Solutions

Dedicated Support

  • Consultations / website reviews
  • Website editing & maintenance
  • Bilingual support
  • Website & design resource hub
  • Compliance & Manulife brand triage
  • Technical support
  • Automated updates: Blogs & articles, Regulatory updates, Resources & Calculators
  • Training videos & webinars