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Manulife Wealth Inc. does not have an enterprise solution for Email Marketing and Newsletters. In general, you want to always ensure you are following proper compliance rules that you would for all communications to clients. If you have any questions, contact your Sales Communications compliance team. 

Third-party vendors and tools for Email Marketing are allowed to be used by advisors with caution and care.  Here are some tips to consider:

  • Follow your Technology guidelines for Cloud Services
  • Use only reputable vendors like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Zoho or SalesForce  Check with CRM as well!
  • It is preferred to use a paid service. They are often minimal costs but allow for proper branding, higher levels of security and customization.
  • You must adhere to Dealer Compliance rules for client information, as well as Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL)
  • Only insert current clients (implied consent) or leads and contacts that Opt-In to your newsletter. Likewise, you must include an "unsubscribe" button (most tools have this already)

Newsletters are often sent using a designed template you make within this tool. In order to stay compliant, build your template and have it approved through compliance BEFORE you start to use the template. Below you will find some tips to creating this template. 

Sales Communications Procedure Guides

Compliance Considerations

Have your email or landing page template for your newsletter approved in advance through Sales Communications by emailing them a PDF to show an example

  • Use your Manulife Wealth Inc. Dealer Email address (for Manulife Advisors)
  • Only use your approved title and holding-out information as reported to Manulife Wealth Inc.' internal Registrations
  • Ensure you have all proper disclaimers and disclosures available, customized to you and your business. Contact Sales Communications to help set this up.
  • You must use the full Dealer Entity Name with your title (i.e.: Manulife Wealth Inc. or Manulife Wealth Inc.)
  • Your social media profiles and website must be approved by compliance before adding them to your email communications as links
  • If using your Trade/OBA logo, the Manulife Wealth Inc. logo must be used at equal prominence 

Note: Custom written, business articles included into your newsletter should be sent to compliance for approval in Advance

Once your Newsletter template has been approved from compliance, to submit your newsletter into post-review with compliance:  

  • Add MLS_SalesCommunications@manulife.com to your newsletter’s mailing list. When you send the campaigns/emails it will automatically go to Sales Communications Compliance team’s inbox as well, who will filter the submission into their post approval queue. If everything is fine, you will not hear from compliance. However, if there is anything to be concerned about, they will contact you with either a tip or suggestion for next time – or in more serious cases, you will be asked to fix the issue with a follow up email.

  • If you do not want to add compliance to your mailing list, you can either send them the email newsletter/campaign in a separate email and note on that email what date your campaign/email went out to your clients. You will need to ensure that each newsletter/campaign you send will be forwarded to compliance manually (they do not need to see repeats of the same article). Compliance will then do the following as above – add the email you sent them in to their post approval queue.

  • Social Media:  Anything sending to your approved Social Media Accounts (Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter) will be captured across the Proofpoint tool so you do not need to send those posts to Compliance afterwards. Be sure your Social media accounts have been approved by compliance and connected to Proofpoint Social Patrol.

    Reminder: Before starting to send campaigns/newsletters you need to send your completed email template, or the Landing page template to Compliance so they can review and approve it for use. They will ensure you have the proper disclaimers and disclosures required and that your titles, Dealer representation and information is correct. Once that is approved, you can then use it in your communications. Be sure to connect your Manulife Wealth Inc. Email address as your reply email!