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Google My Business Compliance Tips

Insurance Solutions

What to send to Compliance 

Like all Marketing and Sales materials, your Google my Business listing should be approved by Sales Communications Compliance team once completed.  Because GMB is not connected to the compliance Proofpoint Social Patrol tool, this must be done manually.

Take screenshots of your full listing, including any posts or questions that have been added. Place these into a Word Document or PDF and send to Sales Communications using the eCAR form from Repsource. Include a link to the live profile as well. 

  • Any additional posts to your Google My Business listing or updates must also be sent to Compliance for approval.

  • If you choose to create Google Paid Ads, you must have these pre-approved by Compliance by sending your ad and copy to them before publishing.

  • If you have questions about the policy requirements send them to mls_salescommunications@manulife.com

Tips for a Compliance listing

Follow these tips below to ensure you are creating a listing that will get approved from compliance and represent your business correctly!

  • Make sure the address and contact information you are using is what you have listed in your Manulife Dealership Registrations information. If your address or numbers have changed, be sure to report this to the Manulife Transitions team by emailing: MLS_transitionteam@manulife.ca
  • Only use approved services and titles on your listing
  • Do not detail out products or promotions, as these have a shelf-life and can change
  • Do not write about Rates or Fees
  • Make sure your Dealer name is written out in full:
    For MFDA: Manulife Wealth Inc.
    For IIROC:  Manulife Wealth Inc.
    For Insurance MGA:  Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc.  
  • Do not choose or list Financial Planning unless you have been approved for this through the Dealer.
  • If you are using a Trade or Business Name, be sure that your Trade name has been registered properly with the Dealer, and you are approved for use. If you are unsure, email mls_salescommunications@manulife.com 

Investment Solutions

Need Help?

Google My Business Support Page    Manulife Sales Communications Compliance Team

If Google Help and Support was unable to assist you with your  inquiry you can always reach out to us at SiteForward@manulife.ca