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Social Media Compliance Updates

March 31: Deadline for Connecting your Social Media accounts

Proofpoint Social Patrol is changing.

As an approved Social Media for Business user, we want to help make your experience a positive one when leveraging your social media profiles and submitting changes for review to your Compliance team.

To better your experience, the Proofpoint Social Patrol archiving tool currently used to capture your electronic communications on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is being replaced with the new compliance tool Global Relay at the end of this month!

Important: Your Next Steps – Keep an eye on your email!

You will be receiving an email from Global Relay for each of your Social Media Business accounts by x date providing you with a link and  “How-To” guide to connect your account with the Global Relay Archive compliance tool.

By x date you will be required to have completed the transition of your Business Social Media Accounts to Global Relay. At this time, your previous connections to Proofpoint Social Patrol will be disconnected from your accounts.

Additional Information and Resources

If you have any questions or require additional support, please reach out to your Sales Communications Compliance team at MLS_SalesCommunications@manulife.com.