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The SiteForward Program is currently a website support program. The Manulife Securities' Dealership does not have a social media program implemented for our advisors yet, however our program can offer some best practices and guidance.

STEP 1: Create

Create your social media profile page of choice (LinkedIn Profile, Facebook business page, or Twitter account)

(The buttons below can help guide you to the best support page.)

STEP 2: Build

Fill in your information, matching the registered  information you have with Manulife.

Add a professional image, any details you like and double check your work!  

TIP: Use approved content from your business card or your website as a guide.

STEP 3: Compliance

Once complete, email the links to your social profiles to MLS Sales Communication Compliance  team, who will work with you to get your profile's approved and on the Social Media Compliance tool - ProofPoint Social Patrol.  Social media reviews and compliance is owned by Sales Communications, and not SiteForward.

As part of the SiteForward Program, our team can assist with the following:

  1. Support for consistent branding to match your website
  2. Update your website to display the links to your approved social media profiles 
  3. Share the blogs/articles from your website easily across your social platforms
  4. Social Media strategy, best practices and ongoing webinars 
  5. Access to a huge library of editable, original and ghost written blogs and articles to share on social from your website, or to copy directly into your social platforms.

    Social Media Best Practices (External Article)    



LinkedIn is designed for business and professional networking and offers a personal profile as well as a corporate business page to network in a business-to-business sense. LinkedIn is a must-have for a professional profile and is beneficial for attracting new employees, targeting group business and thought leadership. It is also helpful to indirectly boost your search results.

 Facebook Business Page

Facebook is designed to connect family and friends on personal accounts and makes use of business pages for advertising and networking. It is more personable, meant for relationship building and staying connected to clients. Facebook best targets families, individuals and households. It is also where advisors should be more authentic and show who they are, rather than what they sell.


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows users to broadcast their questions, ideas, and opinions to users live and follow others. It’s used for more timely communication, and frequent activity. It is not always recommended for every advisor, as it tends to involve a lot of attention. Best suited for broad audiences, and works well if you attend a lot of events, or host many seminars, community events or similar forms of entertainment. 


Proofpoint Social Patrol

To be on social media you must grant access to ProofPoint so that Manulife may meet their regulatory requirement to monitor and supervise online activity.

Social media monitoring and approvals


The new technology, Proofpoint, connects to your social media profiles, detecting any new activity.  Posts, likes and other posted content are scanned against risk-based flags, and if flagged it is routed to Compliance for review and approval before it goes live.  If content does not trigger a flag, it will go live and does not come to Compliance.

Changing your static profile on any social media platform requires pre-approval. You can do this by making your edits within the Proofpoint tool first, using this link: https://suite.us.nexgate.com/prereview

If you have any questions regarding dealer polices around or monitoring of websites and social media please contact mls_salescommunication@manulife.com.

About Proofpoint Social Patrol