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Our Program Costs




Full Program price:
Comprehensive Website Package
  • Website development, design, hosting and technical support
  • SSL certificate security for your domain
  • Original, ghost-written articles & blogs that you can use and edit
  • Custom Newsletter Generator
  • Dedicated team to manage your requests and edits on your behalf, or access to the DIY editor
  • Exclusive, direct-to-compliance workflow through the website editor
  • Access to website google analytics and reports
  • Regular training resources and webinars

$135 +tax

ONE TIME website initial design and development set-up fee

Initial fee to support the initial website construction of your new website, or transition of existing website to our platform 


The payment for SiteForward Program will be routed through Commissions. Here, we are able to provide a worry-free method of billing that can take advantage of marketing dollars, incentives and flexibility.  * Plus applicable taxes in your province


Are Our Rates Competitive?

We have worked hard to include all the fees that can surprise you when creating a website, into one comprehensive package at the best rates we can offer you as part of Manulife Securities. The price of our program falls lower than other competitors, and in addition has more features and services available to you.  We want your business to grow and have a professional, top-notch digital presence.

Technical Costs:

Domain Name $25 - $50/year  (If not included in services)
Hosting costs: Average $30 - $300 / Month  (If not included in services)
SSL Domain security certificate: $120 - $1000/year  (If not included in services)

Agency Costs

Maintenance: Recurring costs for updates (hourly rates) Average $60 - $300/hour
Website design cost averages $3,000 - $6,000 for basic website design only (you provide content)
Website design cost for agency, generally including copy and images:  $10,000-$25,000

Set-up Fees: (one-time design cost)

Twenty Over Ten: $1,500 - $3,600 USD
FMG Suite: $649-$2649 USD
Financial Tech Tools: $899 USD - $2,999 USD

Monthly Fees after design:

Twenty Over Ten: $109 USD - No support
FMG Suite: $178 - $824 USD / month
Financial Tech Tools: $159-$349 USD/month
Broadridge Advisor Solutions: $139.99-$599.00/month


LeadPilot: Social sharing content: $283.25 UDS/month
Broadridge Advisor Solutions: $69.99/month

On-page SEO Essentials

Twenty Over Ten: $1,200 USD (one-time setup fee)