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Update on your Hootsuite Enterprise Account  - Social Media Thumbnail

Update on your Hootsuite Enterprise Account - Social Media

*email communications sent to Advisors on Social Media who had a Hootsuite Enterprise account through our program.*


On April 12 we communicated changes to our digital marketing program  including the ending of the subscription to Hootsuite Enterprise. For those interested in or who have tried transitioning to the free version of Hootsuite, below are some additional tips and corrected information updates that we have since received from the vendor including an update on any billing errors.

If you had been using Hootsuite Enterprise through our Social Media Program you can continue to use Hootsuite Free version with your current account credentials. 

  • You should not have to start a new account – Hootsuite has moved all the accounts over to the free version – Just log in with your existing email and password!

  • Your Social Media Profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) should still be connected in Hootsuite Free version. If they are not, you can easily link those to your account once logged in. Log in here!  
  • Your Proofpoint Social Patrol compliance tool should still be linked to your social media profiles.  Proofpoint is the tool used by Compliance to monitor social media. ProofPoint and Hootsuite are not related tools. If you have questions about ProofPoint or policies around using social media please contact MLS Sales Communication Compliance. 
  • You do not need Hootsuite to use social media – it’s just a marketing tool that you can utilize to enhance your marketing efforts. You can post/share from your SiteForward website or post directly on your social media profiles. 
  • A large, original content library of over 450 articles and blogs is now available to those on the SiteForward Program through your website dashboard – and is integrated for social sharing. If you have questions about using the content library email us at siteforward@manulife.com or check out our recorded webinar on Content Assist.


We have been made aware that some advisors have signed up for a trial of the subscription version of Hootsuite by accident.  The free version of Hootsuite does not require entering in any credit card information whereas the trial of the subscription version does require entering in credit card information. As noted above you do not need to set up a new account or trial unless you are wanting to subscribe to the business/pro version of Hootsuite.

What can you do if you have been billed by Hootsuite and you did not want the business/pro subscription?

We have spoken with Hootsuite to explain the situation, and they have agreed to reverse the charges for anyone who subscribed by accident.  To have the charges reversed and your subscription cancelled you will need to email Hootsuite at support@hootsuite.com with the following information:

  1. The account email you used to sign up for the trial account
  2. Forward the invoice/bill with this message


I am contacting with regard to a billing error (confirmed by Alex Naumov) and account correction. I was a part of the Hootsuite Enterprise Account with Manulife Securities’ Digital Program. I accidentally signed up for a business/pro account trial when I had intended to sign up for the free Hootsuite account. I was not aware at that time that Hootsuite had already moved my account to the free version on my behalf. Please reverse the charges on the attached invoice, cancel the pro/business account subscription and set my account back to the free version account that Hootsuite had set up for me. I have provided the email I used to setup the trial account.

Thank you,

If you have any further questions please visit the website at www.siteforward.ca or contact the program team by email at SiteForward@manulife.com

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