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SiteForward Newsletter: Updates April 22 Thumbnail

SiteForward Newsletter: Updates April 22


Thank you for your ongoing patience with website migration and the SiteForward Program updates. Below is an update to let you know that our full website migration for advisors is going well. To date, we have successfully moved over 200 websites to the new Twenty over Ten platform and are continuing to progress. We have remaining approximately 40 websites to migrate currently and have prioritized these by the highest risk websites to be shut down first.  


NEW FOR YOU!  We’ve got your content!

Join us for a live webinar with special guest Samantha Russell from Twenty over ten as she guides you through the new content available to program members as part of our Content Assist package on SiteForward Program.

The need for regular, fresh and original content has been a big one – and we now have you covered!  Starting this week you will be granted access to a rich, client facing library of original content with a multitude of topics that you can post on your website, share across social media, even edit to personalize in to your own blogs. There is over 400 articles already available to you, as well as Manulife’s content – all categorized into easy to use sections.

As an introduction to our new, Manulife Preferred we vendor – Twenty Over Ten has given our members FREE access to content assist full, with 15 original articles added every month for your use. This is a value worth over $900/year CDN that you are getting free, as part of SiteForward.

Join us on Wednesday April 24th, 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST for a live Webinar with Twenty Over Ten, while they introduce you to Content Assist, how to use the content and best places to use it – as well as an introduction to some exciting other features and add-ons they have made available to our program advisors.


Websites are being transitioned over “as is” for the most part, keeping content the same to allow us to get you over faster, approved by compliance and ready to get using the new platform!  After migration is complete, we will then be opening up times to book website redesigns for anyone who would like that – free of charge.

  • Redesign consultations will begin in June – Redesigns will begin at a later date, and an estimate on your completion will be given after your consultation. Keep in mind, a full redesign is time consuming!


  1. Double Charges: Proof of cancellation required.
    In order to NOT be double charged, our program will need to send proof that you have cancelled or given notice to cancel your previous terms of agreement with your past vendor – Veriday.
    You can forward us the email you sent to Veriday with your advance cancellation notice. This will ensure that we can omit charged to you until your contract is done and paid with Veriday before we charge you.

  2. Do you have access to your domain name?

    If Veriday owns your domain: You must ask for the domain to be transferred in advance, keeping all DNS information in tact, and leaving your website published. You can give them your own account for a registrar, or you can send it to Manulife’s account
    Customer number: 190653257
    Email: digitaladvisor@manulife.com

    If you own your domain: Be sure you have your login and password ready to access your records – we cannot publish your website without this.

  3. Have you done your Dashboard Training? 
    Learn how to use your new website dashboard! Once your website is moved over Compliance takes a quick look. We find almost all websites require some minimal changes to update disclaimers or titles to the newest regulatory rules.  Compliance will note these on your dashboard, and we will ask that advisors make their revisions in the new, easy-to-use platform.

You can sign up for those at https://siteforward.ca/webinars   You can also sign up for our additional webinars and tutorials!


  • Advisor Communication April : If you missed it you can read it HERE
  • New Lowered Program Price: $135/mo
  • The Digital Advisor Program is changing our name to “SiteForward Digital Program”
  • No more “Social Media Only” program
  • Social users outside of Manulife’s Digital Programs will be added to Proofpoint through MLS Sales Communication Compliance
  • Advisors on our program will benefit from integrated social media support

Thank you again for your patience during the migration process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or phone. (please note that email is the quickest way to reach us).

Thank you