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SiteForward Newsletter - March 2020 Thumbnail

SiteForward Newsletter - March 2020

Your March 2020 Updates from SiteForward

There's lots of action happening with the SiteForward program thismonth! This update brings you news about recent campaigns, updates to your ContentAssist library, dashboard updates, new tools and some excellent webinars that are coming your way. 

Advisors do that. 

The new Manulife Investment Management marketing campaign puts you in the spotlight

Available now in ContentAssist: A shareable video series profiling real examples from Manulife Securities advisors about the importance of an advisor-client relationship. These videos showcase to investors that when it comes to navigating the curve balls in life, human to human relationships cannot be replaced.

Add these videos to your articles page through the DIY Dashboard and share easily across your social media platforms. If you need help, contact us at siteforward@manulife.ca 

Twenty Over Ten has featured some  Manulife Securities Websites they love on their Website Round-Up Blog! Check it out here.

New Content Available

New, original articles have been added to your Content-Assist tool within your website dashboard. Enjoy!  Where do you find your content? Check out our 10min video: Where do I find content?

Top featured articles in this month's release:

Content From Manulife:

·         What happens when the Coronavirus hits the economy hard? (client letter)

·         Five Ways To Reduce Your Tax Bill (article)

·         Advisors Do That. Advisor Stories (Video series)

Goals Based Investing Promotion:

·         Food For Thought: Preparing for your needs in retirement (info-graphic)

·         The Retirement Spending Smile (info-graphic)

·         Retirement: It’s a journey, not a destination (video)

Articles From Twenty Over Ten:

·        5 Financial Tips for Renovating Your Retirement Home

·         What Is Workplace Burnout and How to Prevent it: A Guide

·         How March Madness Is Like Investing

·         Creative Ways to Earn Passive Income in Retirement

·         These 5 Favorite Venture Capitalist Books Will Help You Achieve Success

·         5 Tips for Flying With Kids This Spring Break

·         How to Improve Company Culture and Boost Productivity: 5 Tips for Leaders

·         Want to Offer Your Employees Added Perks? Consider Lifestyle Spending Accounts

·         What Is a Digital Safe Deposit Box and What Should I Put in it?

Updates to Note

·       It’s 2020! Check your resources page on your website to ensure your 2019 content has been updated. If you are out of date, you can make revisions by editing them in the DIY Website Dashboard, or emailing siteforward@manulife.ca the changes and we will update them on your behalf.

·        Twenty Over Ten DIY Website Dashboard upgrades: For those more savvy users, advanced site settings features have been added to a new Styles Editor. You can now completely customize the look and feel of virtually every element on your website. In a rare case that you notice something broke or doesn’t look right on your site now, please email us and we will fix it right away! Stay tuned for a video detailing the newest additions!

·        Our Newsletter Generator tool has had an upgrade! The newest version copies into your Outlook or Website dashboard easily, can be saved remotely and offers a new banner design generating tool and customization features! See below for the upcoming webinar on how to use the new tool!

·        Client Login: SiteForward has an automated option for your Client Login page. Add this page to showcase both the old Client Access portal, and the NEW Manulife Online Access Portal, with the features of each for your clients. This new page is managed by SiteForward and will keep updated and current automatically. Contact us at siteforward@manulife.ca to have this added to your website.

·        Automatic Articles Feed Now Available: For the advisor who does not have time to update their blogs/articles page, and is not promoting them on social media– the RSS Article Feed is a perfect option to keep your site active. We manage and update the articles automatically for you. Email us to see if this option is good for you, and to have it added to your website!

If you're just getting started with local SEO, your GOOGLE MY BUSINESS listing (including search & maps) is a great place to focus your early efforts. Follow our easy steps online to get started with your listing!

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Upcoming Webinars from SiteForward


Rescheduled - Date To be Announced
Leveraging articles & blogs on social media and your website through ContentAssist

Feeling overwhelmed with where to start and what to do with all the content available to you? Mandy will walk you through how to use ContentAssist to access your content - as well as how to leverage it for the best impact! In this webinar you will learn:

·         How to use ContentAssist

·         How - and why - to share content

·         Best practices for using original content

·         How to leverage content on social media



Fri March 20, 2020 |1:30pm EST
Newsletter Builder v2 for SiteForward

Our newest release of the newsletter generator exclusively for the SiteForward program is now available. Mandy Habermehl, Program Manager and Randy Bimm, Lead Developer will walk you through how to use the new features to create a customized newsletter you can bring into Outlook, Gmail, CRMs and more.


March 27 2020  |  1:00pm EST
Live Website Dashboard Training & Tips

Your website is live - now what? This webinar will introduce you to the new publishing dashboard and teach you how to start editing your website yourself.
We will show you how to log in, how the compliance workflow works, how to make edits and find your content. You can join right from your internet browser or download the Zoom App. Join as many as you like, to learn something new or just for a refresh!



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