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New Web Dashboard Features & Upgrades From Twenty Over Ten Thumbnail

New Web Dashboard Features & Upgrades From Twenty Over Ten

Today we're excited to announce new features and a redesigned platform experience that we think you'll absolutely love!

Check out what's new:

"Intrinsic" Background Photo Sizing

Love using big background images for hero sections? Now the size of your hero area can be based on the size of your photo! No more worrying about heads being cut-off or weird sizing issues on different screens. Your image will always be visible as-is and will scale appropriately.

Show or Hide Blog Post Dates

Using your blog for resources and other evergreen content? You can now choose whether or not you want to display dates for blog posts.

Customizable Call-to-Action Text for Bios and Blog Page Posts

In an effort to continue making our platform as flexible as possible, you can now customize the text that is displayed on bio overlays ("Read Bio") and blog posts ("Read More").

View your Website Across Different Devices

We know how important it is to have a pixel-perfect website on every screen size. This is why we've added the ability to quickly view your website on common screen sizes, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, directly within your website preview.

Framework Tools

Easily view your current framework and easily upgrade or downgrade your framework version to access new features without breaking your website's look and feel!

Reset Fonts & Colors to the Framework Defaults

Have you ever played around with the colors of your site only to regret your choices? You can now revert your colors back to the framework's default colors with a click of a button!

Page Indicators

Easily identify your different page types with all-new indicators visible next to special pages in your pages lists.

Redesigned Account Settings

We've totally redesigned your accounts settings to make it easier to access billing information, invoices, and other profile details.

New Fonts

Our font library now includes new system fonts, including Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, Verdana, and more. As well as three all-new Google fonts: Staatliches, Archivo, and M PLUS Rounded 1c.

Restyled Form Fields, Buttons, and More!

We've revisited almost every aspect of the platform to improve legibility with bigger buttons, larger edit screens, and cleaner form fields!