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NEW FEATURE: Content Assist Full  Thumbnail

NEW FEATURE: Content Assist Full

NEW FOR YOU!  We’ve got your content!

Special guest Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, guides you through the new content available to program members as part of our Content Assist package on SiteForward Program.

The need for regular, fresh and original content has been a big one – and we now have you covered! Starting at the end of this week you will be granted access to a rich, client facing library of original content with a multitude of topics that you can post on your website, share across social media, even edit to personalize in to your own blogs. There is over 400 articles already available to you, as well as Manulife’s content – all categorized into easy to use sections.

As an introduction to our new, Manulife Preferred we vendor – Twenty Over Ten has given our members FREE access to content assist full, with 15 original articles added every month for your use.

View the live Webinar with Twenty Over Ten, as they introduce you to Content Assist, how to use the content and best places to use it – as well as an introduction to some exciting other features and add-ons they have made available to our program advisors.