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Digital marketing program and social media updates Thumbnail

Digital marketing program and social media updates

Subject: Digital marketing program and social media updates

Manulife Securities is happy to announce SiteForward as the new name of the digital marketing program along with a newly reduced price of $135 dollars a month plus applicable taxes. 

SiteForward offers a strong foundation and springboard from which you can propel your digital presence with a robust platform and support for your website and social media. 

SiteForward features and benefits

The SiteForward program offers Manulife Securities advisors benefits and advantages that include:

  • Dedicated digital marketing experts, including fully bilingual support
  • Access to exclusive pre-approved content including articles, videos and blogs
  • Training and ongoing best practice education and support
  • Digital marketing campaign support
  • Easy to use and expedited compliance workflow
  • Fresh, modern, mobile friendly website layouts and custom designs
  • Calendly, Mailchimp and Google Analytics integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) customization capability
  • Bilingual website capability
  • Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Twitter support
  • 24-hour access to online program and resources at www.siteforward.ca

New approach to social media

Manulife Securities encourages all advisors to be active on social media as an important part of your digital marketing effort. We are making some adjustments so that we can help you take advantage of this opportunity. 

It is no longer a requirement to join our program to be active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you were part of our previous social media program, please be aware that you have not been charged any fees as of Jan. 1/19, nor will there be any program charge as a result of this new change. For those who would like to continue using Hootsuite to have access to a dashboard for analytics and scheduling for posting, there is a free version of Hootsuite that includes these features. To learn how to easily sign up for the free version, please see our site where you will also find other helpful resources for content and best practices.


The regulators require all social media, websites and online activity by advisors to be monitored. We are in the process of integrating new monitoring technology. With these new technologies we will be making updates to our policies and supervision processes to make the approval process a better experience for advisors.

For advisors in our SiteForward program, the website compliance approvals and ongoing monitoring are built into the program’s workflows and the program’s support team will also help expedite the process as part of the value and support provided to all program participants.

Social media monitoring and approvals 

Our new technology, Proofpoint, connects to your social media profiles, detecting any new activity.   Posts, likes and other posted content are scanned against risk-based flags, and if flagged it is routed to Compliance for review and approval before it goes live.  If content does not trigger a flag, it will go live and does not come to Compliance.

If you are on social media, you will receive a communication from Manulife Securities requesting that you grant Proofpoint access to your social media platforms. When Proofpoint attempts to connect to a social media platform, that platform (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) may communicate their terms of agreement about the kinds of access and permissions you are granting to ProofPoint. (Please note that these permission statements are coming directly from the social media platform and are not written by Proofpoint or Manulife Securities.) To be on social media you must grant access to ProofPoint in order that we may meet our regulatory requirement to monitor and supervise online activity.

If you have any questions regarding dealer polices around or monitoring of websites and social media please contact mls_salescommunication@manulife.com.

3rd party monitoring fee

The 2019 Advisor Fee schedule includes an annual $100 fee for monitoring social media and websites hosted outside of our digital marketing program.

This fee was to be charged at the end of February, however we made the decision to hold off charging while we worked on updating our digital marketing program. This monitoring fee will be charged at the end of May to any advisors not in our digital marketing program, SiteForward

  • who have/are affiliated with a website that is not part of our digital marketing program, SiteForward 
  • who have a business social media profile (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Payment process for advisors currently in the SiteForward program

The new price of $135 gives you everything you need to successfully market your business online. Advisors will be billed on a quarterly basis from their commissions. We will be reaching out to advisors in the program to confirm start date for billing.

For those not currently in our program, we hope you will consider taking advantage of the SiteForward program and the value it provides to help you promote and enhance your business through a well-designed website and engaging social media.

For any questions or if you are interested in learning more about SiteForward please contact us at siteforward@manulife.com